Do you want paid opportunities to mentor, coach, and inspire young people? InvestIN Education hosts career-experience days for school students. We are looking for executives with experience in investment banking, law, journalism, politics, medicine or engineering.

By joining the ‘InvestIN Network’ you will:

1) Gain some fantastic public speaking experience

2) Have an excellent addition to your CV

3) Be invited to some of our exclusive events at venues such the House of Commons and the British Library

4) Meet more than 150 other professionals in the InvestIN Network

To join the InvestIN Network you must:

1) Have some professional experience in one of the following areas: Sales & Trading, M&A, Law, Journalism, Politics, Medicine or Engineering

2) Be determined to help young people achieve their professional ambitions

3) Have a passion for public speaking

4) Be able to attend our programmes in any of the following locations: London, Manchester or Hong Kong.

On one of our programmes, you may be invited to speak about your journey from school to your career, help facilitate case studies, teach more technical concepts or sit on a panel with other like-minded professionals. We will discuss all of these possibilities with you on an initial phone call. Our programmes are all weekend-based so will not interfere with your job, and we do not ask you to commit to more than one date at a time. You will be compensated competitively for your time.

Please complete the application form if you are interested. Those candidates who we feel are best suited to our programmes will be invited first for an initial telephone call, followed by an in-person meeting.